sava region initiative for innovative development / savska inicijativa za inovativni razvoj



Part-financed by European Union

About project

Centre for Technology Transfer Ltd. Zagreb is the company that was established in 1996 by Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture University of Zagreb who is the sole owner of the Centre. The mission and objectives of the CTT are: improvement of technological processes in Croatia, primarily in the areas of mechanical engineering; integration of science and technology with the economy; launching of innovative projects with a goal of sustainable development; whole life training of professionals from the industry with the aim of more effective transfer of technological processes and increase of the competitiveness of domestic industry.

At the initiative of the Zagreb County CTT applied for the project "Sava region initiative for innovative development" for START Call 2 as part of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region.

The project was approved and financed with 22,324.80 euros (code: 18_PA08-C2 SRIID)

Project duration is from 1 January 2016 to 31 July 2016.

The purpose of the projectis the inter-regional connectivity and cooperation of operators from the industry, science and public administration (triple helix) of the Sava river basin countries (4 countries – SLO, HR, BiH and SRB) to accelerate economic growth and development.

The project aims to encourage synergy networked innovation and enhance the economic development of the region of the Sava river basin that will be based on the development of innovative entrepreneurship based on knowledge, competitiveness and social responsibility.

Project partners are the Centre for Technology Transfer, Zagreb – leading partner (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Zagreb), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Sarajevo and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade.

The project is carried out through four workshops with partners and interested parties on the project (in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sarajevo and Belgrade), a closing conference in Zagreb and the establishment of the Consortium "Sava initiative for innovative development".

The purpose of Consortium is to encourage connectivity, networking and cooperation between operators from the industry, academia and the public sector (triple helix) in regions of the Sava river basin, to accelerate economic growth and development and strengthen their overall competitiveness by implementing of joint innovative programs and projects.

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